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 Evidence for Genesis, Young Earth Creationism

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PostSubject: Evidence for Genesis, Young Earth Creationism   Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:26 pm

“Instead of [human] evolution working on a relatively small number of genes to actively promote functional adaptations—a process known as positive selection—„the alternative is a demographic factor, which is a bottleneck,‟ explains geneticist Marcus Feldman of Stanford University. A bottleneck describes the rise of a new population from a few individuals. Feldman participated in a study of DNA samples from 938 people in 51 different populations, finding evidence for the alternative explanation in declining DNA sequence (haplotype) variation with increasing distance from Africa. The work appeared in [the journal] Science in February [2008]” (Ibid. 31)
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A relatively young human species, a single point of origin, a sudden reduction of the human population to a small number of individuals, followed by a spreading out these individuals from their point of origin to become agriculturalists all across the globe—all these scenarios reflect the basic outline of the early history of the human race as described in the Book of Genesis
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PostSubject: Re: Evidence for Genesis, Young Earth Creationism   Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:49 pm

Well, the 'alternative' might be a bottleneck, but that doesn't mean that a bottleneck is true, that it actually happened. I mean, there is no doubt in the scientific community that evolution explains how we got here today - and this idea of a bottleneck would preclude evolution.
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Evidence for Genesis, Young Earth Creationism
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